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XERO is accounting software used by the modern, all-sized businesses, for accountancy activities. This software has a high demand in the accountancy field of work. XERO training will assist you in learning the technical skill required to run this software and to have in-depth knowledge about its working in accountancy. This software is used by many around the globe to save time and energy and to get you on the right path with the help of zero errored financial reports. Inefficient activities in the firm can cost you time and energy and many other things. Managing accounts and bookkeeping activities through one software can help you to do all tasks more efficiently. This software has the potential to secure your data with multiple layered security systems.


With the use of this software, the company can reduce the risk of financial errors and generate more effective and efficient result in less time.


  • Increase Efficiency
  • XERO minimizes the waste of time in manually entering data
  • It allows the owner to access from any location by enabling dynamic workforce
  • This system can easily be installed and operated while sitting anywhere
  • XERO can extract data from the bank feed
  • Increase Effectiveness
  • XERO based organization can welcome users to collaborate on economic information at all times and ensures efficient team effort
  • Fewer collaborations among the team members are one of the real cause of low productivity; this all is because of time-consuming account activities.
  • XERO is a software that allows all its users to operate from anywhere and activities to be done in seconds.
  • It enables to the point financial understanding
  • Speed up the decision-making process which can cause effective organizational performances
  • XERO reduces the risk of double processes or repetitions
  • It keeps the user up to dated
  • Safety
  • Organizational security concerns can be strengthened by the help of XERO
  • It protects the data from unauthorized access.
  • XERO keeps all the sensitive data secured including client’s record, accounts information and received funding records
  • The data is secured by the set of codes and passwords that can only be accessed by the authorized personnel.


This software has the ability to reduce time-consuming data record activities and increase the effectiveness in collaboration. XERO is now highly required by many corporates and agencies to secure all concerning data. To understand more about XERO software one need to learn and integrate its usage in the workplace. After understanding its importance, one need to get XERO accounts training to have more in-depth study and understanding of this software which will provide you with a competitive edge in the accounting job market. Future Connect is a platform where you can have XERO accounts training from highly qualified professionals.


  • A clear understanding of XERO software
  • You will get a certification of XERO advisory
  • You will gain numerous skills, Account assisting skills
  • Finance controlling capability
  • VAT managing skill
  • Bookkeeping skill
  • Credit controlling skills
  • Account management skill
Course content includes
  • Introduction
  • XERO navigation
  • Understanding XERO dashboard
  • Representing accounting
  • Installing new accounts
  • New bank accounts
  • Involving new users
  • Sales Ledger
  • Creating new clients accounts
  • Putting limitation to credits
  • Putting invoices and credit notes
  • Fixing sales invoice recurring
  • Generating clients statement
  • Learning XERO networking
  • Purchase ledger
  • Generating new supplier accounts
  • Listing of supplier’s address
  • Installing supplier invoices
  • Buying credit notes recording
  • Advice notes
  • Bank transactions
  • Documentation of sales receipt
  • Non-sale receipt recording
  • Fixing supplier payments
  • Cash transactions account management
  • Automatic feeding of bank records
  • Integrating Bank rules
  • Reconciliation
  • Preparing Reports
  • preparing Year-end closing sheets
  • management of monthly accounts
  • creditor analysis
  • profit and loss sheeting
  • balance sheet
  • budgetary reporting
  • trial balance
  • other documentation and reporting
  • VAT
  • In-depth knowledge of VAT and VAT scheming
  • Payrolls
  • VAT returns
  • Understanding and Resolving VAT issues
  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Knowing HMRC legislations
  • VAT credit financing scheme


  • These courses serve the ones who want to enhance their knowledge and skills
  • Who wants to apply for their dream jobs
  • Who wants to be the gain some competitive advantage
  • No specific qualification or experience is required


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