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Payroll refers to the list of employees working in a company, specifically means that the sum of amount that is being paid to the employees of any firm is called payroll. The company keeps the record of its worker’s salaries, wages, bonuses, credit, cash and other monetary services that have been provided. Payroll is a process carried out by employees within the company. The company hires a payroll administrator to do this specific job and other related activities.

All the companies and firms require someone to handle payrolls for efficient dealing will employee and aspects of credits. The company favors those individual, for hiring, at payroll administrator post, who is certified and well trained as this area requires excellent analytical skills and experience of work.


The general duties of a payroll administrator include

  • ·         Process and preparing paychecks
  • ·         Issuing paychecks
  • ·         Distributing paychecks
  • ·         Managing direct credit depositing
  • ·         Managing bonus holder
  • ·         Payroll deductions
  • ·         Other monetary charges
  • ·         Handling federal and governmental tax charges
  • ·         Managing flexible account of expenditures
  • ·         Tax deposits and returns
  • ·         Fulfilling new hiring formalities and reports
  • ·         Supervising overall company’s payroll activity
  • ·         Supervising everything related to payrolls
  • ·         Maternity and maternity payrolls
  • ·         Holidays and sick leave reporting
  • ·         Providing other financial assistance to other company
  • ·         Implementing policies related to pay structure
  • ·         Record keeping about payments
  • ·         Keeping records of employees worktime
  • ·         Ensuring compliance
  • ·         Year-end requirements and generate year start requirements
  • ·         Implement and maintain audit
  • ·         Maintaining compensations
  • ·         Calculate gross pay


Payroll administrator works mostly as high-ranking payroll employee in all the small organizations and corporates. It is reported that the national average salary of a payroll Administrator ranges from £20,570 to £28,399 in the United Kingdom and £9.08 to £14 per hour, which is reaching the National average.

The starting salary of a payroll administrator can vary according to your experience, training, certification and even the company’s size. The salary surely builds up with the time when you gain experience, trainings, enhance your knowledge and skills.


All the companies and firms require someone to handle payrolls for efficient dealing will employee and aspects of credits.

The requirement of Payroll Administrator by the employer is that he/she must have developed technical skill and other computing abilities to use the software offered by the company to work on.

The Certified payroll administrator has more abilities to work efficiently in a company as the training courses cover all the aspects related to payrolls. The importance and market value of a certified payroll administrator increases as the individual has in-depth knowledge of payrolls and other related aspects.

Future Connect is a place where you can get a deep understanding of payroll, it systems, aspects and other related topics. We train our candidates in every possible way to compete in the market as a competitive edge. Our courses enable you to have a much better understanding and strategic approach to use payroll systems and other effective methodologies in your workplace.


This training course has two interlinked aspects which you will learn;

1.      Bookkeeping and VAT calculations
  • ·         Frequent recording of crediting
  • ·         Regular recording of transactions
  • ·         Money checks
  • ·         Sales and purchasing receipt
  • ·         Expense receipting
  • ·         Reporting daily financial activities
  • ·         Up-to-date records keeping
  • ·         Practical experience of using software like XERO, MS Excel, Sage

2.      Payroll
  • ·         Payroll processes using software like Sage Payroll
  • ·         Practical experience of using XERO Payroll and Quickbooks Payroll
  • ·         Elements of payroll processes
  • ·         Setting up employees
  • ·         Processing pay slips
  • ·         Processing and generating statutory pay slips
  • ·         Efficient use of accounting software
  • ·         Rules of Auto Enrollment Pension Schemes
  • ·         Payroll methodologies
  • ·         Learning new strategies
  • ·         Mathematical and technical skills
  • ·         Practical skill enhancement


In the field of accounting as a payroll administrator, with the increase in experience, knowledge, skills by carrying out specific certified training, you can flare up your career path. Progression in a career does not only come with experience of working at the same place. It always require specific updated skill knowledge, intensive training to increase your abilities and updated knowledge about the global working system on a particular post.

As a payroll administrator, you can go on to Payroll Manager or Payroll Supervisor, which means a better market value and better salary package. With your increased knowledge and experience, you can work at both ends, private and public sectors.


You will find it helpful if you have previous experience and training on payrolls administrative working system. Being placed by a company for a time to work in an office environment after being trained can be of a boost to your personal gain. Future Connect provides you with guaranteed work placement opportunities to work either in their one of offices or with other client’s office. This will give you with new experience certificate that you can show on your CV for a good impression on the employer.


Certification you will earn after completion of your training

  • ·         IAB certificate
  • ·         Accountancy Practice Certificate
  • ·         CPD Certificate
  • ·         XERO Advisor certificate


  • ·         We provide you with a friendly working environment
  • ·         Our highly qualified trainers will assist you in every possible way
  • ·         You will get a free CV and advisory services after completion of your training
  • ·         Approved and authorized certificate
  • ·         We work on enhancing your abilities, skills and knowledge
  • ·         We make you ready as the competitive edge in the job market
  • ·         We provide you with access, installation and learning of the world’s top accounting software
  • ·         We claim a very reasonable fee structure with monthly installation
  • ·         Payment of fee depends on the training course you choose
  • ·         We offer you guaranteed work placement
  • ·         Our assistance is provided even after the completion of your course

For any other information, please visit our official website www.fctraining.org  Or get your free consultation class with our professionals at 02037908674 or 01212959988

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