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Profit and loss sheets are the most crucial financial statement for any company. As they present the profit and loss of the company over the period of time. Account training is something that gives you vast understanding and in-depth knowledge about all the accountancy services, its importance in real world market and better decision making abilities. Understanding accounting is one of the essential skill to be gained in the career of finance.

Accounts training programs give you a better understanding of the importance of the business, its fundamental values and to take the company to new higher levels. It is essential to learn more about Accounts Training. There’s no way around it but to make your skills and abilities reach the level where you can become a Master of Finance.


To start your accounting career, you will have to under-go through accounts training programs. You will begin to your training with the knowledge of necessary accountancy skills like bookkeeping, VAT, account assistance, account payable and receivables, business math, payrolls, spreadsheets, communication skills and other analytical and interpersonal skills.

Future Connect provides you CPD approved training, keeping in view the need and demand of the job market. Our accountancy training will surely build your confidence and will make you prepare for working in a challenging real-life environment.

If you want to become
  • An auditor
  • Financial statement generator
  • Account manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Account analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Financial manager
  • Account manager
  • An Investor
  • An entrepreneur
  • An accountant
  • Or the CEO of your own company

Get the training, polish your skills, uplift your abilities and step into the world of your choice.


  1. Bookkeeping and VAT return Training Course
  • Work on buffing your skills in bookkeeping
  • Record entries
  • Transaction records on purchases, expenses and sales
  • Client diaries
  • VAT scheming
  • Thorough experience of tax return
  • Bookkeeping accounting principles
  • Business mathematics
  • Analytical skills
  • Making financial reports

  1. Bookkeeping and Payroll Training Course
  • VAT Calculations
  • Up-to-date and accurate record entry
  • Recording of daily economic activities
  • Art of Setting up employees
  • Maintaining and generating statutory pay slips
  • Processing pay slips
  • Submission of RTI
  • HMRC regulatory schemes
  • Use of payroll accounting software like XERO, Sage and QuickBooks
  • Rules of auto-enrolment pension schemes
  • Salary packages and more

  1. Accounts Assistants Training Course
  • Work on your practical skills
  • Basic invoice recording
  • Customer invoice
  • Supplier invoice
  • Purchases, expenditures and other sales receipt
  • Work on different payroll methodologies
  • Use of varying VAT schemes
  • Understand all the journals and trial balance fixing
  • Understand and work on bookkeeping methodologies
  • Experience in payroll accounting principles

  1. Management Accounting Training Course
  • Preparing reports and accounts
  • Creating budgets
  • Foreseeing and risk analysis
  • Commenting on accounting statements
  • Designing modern business plans
  • Growth planning
  • Recommend improvements in business
  • Evaluating company’s performance
  • Eliminating risk factors
  • Managing accounts

  1. Final Account Training Course
  • Work on initial trial balancing
  • Focus on CIS
  • Control accounts
  • Working on Advance Excel sheet
  • Generating close-book for year-end
  • Work on the complete accounting cycle
  • Practical experience on the VAT return
  • Use of advanced software like QuickBooks, XERO, MS Excel.
  • Generate company’s file for corporate taxation.

  1. Customized Accountancy Training Course

Our training courses are designed to make you grow more employable. We prepare our candidates to step into a great career.

We provide an above list of courses on several modern accounting software, including,

  • Forbes
  • Iris
  • Sage 2017 v24
  • QuickBooks
  • MS Excel
  • Capium
  • VT Software
  • XERO
  • Freshbooks
  • Free Agent

We provide our candidates with an opportunity to learn from any of the software.


Our list of short courses are

  • Audit Training Course
  • Management Account Training Course
  • Advance Excel Training Course
  • Bookkeeping Course
  • VAT Training Course
  • CIS Training Course
  • Accounts Control Course
  • Payroll training Course


  • Learning approach based upon revisions, assessments and quizzes
  • The training could be taken by sitting at home as per your ease
  • We provide maximum support to our students
  • Flexibility in timings and course hours
  • You can create your own time table according to your availability
  • Choose the course and software of your personal choice
  • Installation of software in your own desktops to have easier access.
  • Certification from a recognized Accounting firm
  • CPD approved
  • Expert opinion and advice service
  • Free CV building service
  • Post-training support in the job hunt
  • Work placement opportunities
  • Provide you with an experience that all significant accounting bodies require
  • The flexible fee submission system
  • Fee can be submitted in easy instalments
  • Our training starts from £25 per Month
  • Course payment range according to the course you opt for
  • We provide you with industry-certified trainers for your assistance


  • Accountancy Practice Certificate
  • IAB Certificate
  • XERO Advisor Certificate
  • CPD Certificate

  • To provide our trainees’ fully flexible yet friendly environment
  • Provide practical instructor-led training
  • We offer you with professionalism to work with our qualified trainers
  • We offer you guaranteed work placement opportunity
  • The in-house recruitment team is here to assist you
  • Understanding of real client scenario


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