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Accounts Payable VAT Training

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is a current liability account where an organization reports the amount owed to suppliers or vendors for the products or services it has on credit. A company's total balance payable accounts are registered in a balance sheet to be paid within a specified period to prevent debt.

Account Payables relates to short-term supplier loan repayments at the corporate level. It is also vital for recording the balance sheets of the business. They are also crucial in controlling the cash flow of a company. An accounts payable system also reviews any unpaid charges, fines and late fees.

This process requires accurate data entry by reducing the chances of errors. Moreover, it also helps to promote cooperation among the employees to improve future's financial growth. Also, it is essential for maintaining long term relationships with vendors.

VAT for accounts payables

VAT for accounts payables deals with the recovery of input taxes. It also helps to evaluate the typical invoices by analyzing the possibility for the VAT recovery. It would also allow participants to understand when detailed information is needed and to make decisions about the restoration of input tax. Moreover, as VAT is a transaction tax, therefore, it can also have a notable impact on profitability. Incorrect statements of VAT in accounts payables can result in charges of penalties.

Accounts Payable VAT Training

Accounts payable VAT training will provide an introduction and a clear cut perspective of VAT dealing with the accounts payables. It will assist individuals with the learning of how to manage VAT on payable accounts. It also helps them to gain a deeper understanding of all the rules relating to invoicing and deductible VAT.

Objectives of Accounts Payable VAT Training

Following are the goals of Accounts Payable VAT Training:

  • Understanding VAT principles
  • Learning about the VAT deductibility requirements
  • Identification of costs exempted from the deduction limit
  • Recognizing the operation's purpose and territoriality
  • Classifying the invoice data by payment method
  • Recovering foreign VAT
  • Handling VAT accounts
  • Checking and posting purchase invoices

Training Course content

Below mentioned is the course content of the Accounts Payable VAT training.

  • A chargeable policy of VAT
  • VAT recovering principles
  • VAT coding issues
  • Non-recoverable VAT
  • Imports and acquisitions
  • Services from overseas and reverse charges
  • Specific staff expenses and costs
  • Effect of partial exemption

Enrollment criteria for the training course

Candidates getting enrolled in the course should have:

  • A degree or background in accounting, finance or related field
  • Strong mathematical and computer skills
  • Excellent communication, research, problem-solving, and time management skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Accountable and efficient in dealing with the business matters
  • Staff members of Accounts Payable teams of large, medium and small business organizations
  • Individuals with no or limited knowledge of VAT are eligible
  • Those who wish to enhance their existing understanding of Accounts Payable VAT

Possible job opportunities

Following are the offered job roles after the successful completion of this training:

  • Accounts payable specialist
  • Accounts payable team lead
  • VAT accountants
  • VAT specialists
  • Taxation managers

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